Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Sunflower and The Now

While walking Sivanna to school today I saw some sunflowers in the playground. I asked her “Do you know why they call those flowers Sunflowers?” and she answered “Because they are”. Wow, this stopped me in my tracks. I was ready with my “ because they look like the sun speech” which I did deliver, but her answer really stopped me in my thought process and it was a reminder to me that “What Is Is”. We take what is and add our personal meanings and perceptions to it. We become artists working with imagination and we mold what is into our “what is” using our beliefs, thoughts and after accessing our archived thought files.
It is interesting to observe that as we age we become stronger and more embedded in this process. As children individuals are ever changing, ever emerging, and ever evolving. You think you understand your child and their various stages of incarnation and then bam they have recreated themselves into a new entity. I believe this is our true nature... to recreate ourselves anew everyday, every minute and in every opportunity we choose to do so in. This is living in the now, recreating ourselves anew and using that moment for definition, the now, not yesterday, not tomorrow.
Why do we lose this ability? Perhaps we attach those archived files and beliefs to the now. Perhaps we have built stronger pyramids of belief over time and they surround our perceptions. We become pieces of software rerunning our programs, our stories. Children are great examples of living in the moment, the now. They become part of the simple acts of being. Getting dressed, walking through a puddle, being in-joy while playing with their food.... we hurry them out of the now and speed them along to wherever it is we are sending them and at the same time we attach our perceptions and ideals to their moment. Their moment in time, space, reality. When one can truly appreciate this they can understand why children do not understand time. They are just joyous creators living in the now. Each moment is their new creation, their new definition of what is. We can all do this. We have all heard it is good to be more childlike. We can learn to love what is, be in the moment and to find joy in the simplest moments, without judgement.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Face of Gratitude

September 29, 2009

The Face of Gratitude

While walking back home from taking Sivanna to daycare this morning I had a happenstance encounter that reminded me of the face or grace of gratitude. While crossing a walking bridge I saw ahead of me a very interesting looking young man with an extreme smile on his face; the kind of smile that makes you question it. Seeing this smile made me wonder where it was coming from. It was just there for no apparent reason. I continued to walk toward him and in the next instant his eyes lit up like Christmas lights and I followed his gaze to the ground. He proceeded to retrieve a lonely $10 bill. I commented to him “It’s your lucky day”.
This moment in time, the capturing of his smile prior to knowing his soon to be acquisition, was an instant snapshot to me of gratitude and the power of manifestation. His smile and demeanour indicated that he was in the frequency of abundant joy, of expectation, of excitement. The universe in that moment rewarded him with more abundance. I reflected on the importance of resonance and being able to live and be in the frequencies of love and joy and with excited expectation. I was reminded that in order to access the wonderful offerings of the universe, of which there are so many, we need to be in the matching frequency to receive and allow them in. It was a beautiful example of the simple grace of gratitude and I had the pleasure of having my own gratitude for the gift of the message I received.

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my blog.

It's been a long time in coming but I am excited to be here and to have you join me! I will share my daily inspirations and writings with you and I am looking forward to launching dearmag very soon where you will be able to ask the questions your soul so desires guidance on and we can together, offer insight and crystal clear clarity to your inquiries. There has never been a more exciting time to be here on planet earth and I encourage you to ride the wave of excitement sweeping through at this time of awakening and the rising of consciousness... woo hoo.... it's gonna be an awesome ride! Celebrate oh little ones of light and love!