Thursday, May 19, 2011

Born to be Free

Today at my daughter’s school, I noticed on the wall, some children’s writings and one jumped right out at me. It said “They were born to be free”. Upon further investigation, I realized it was about bear cubs and returning them to the woods; however, those 5 simple words stopped me in my tracks. I reflected on human life and these mere five words. How interesting that children understand this core principal at the deepest level. We are not different than the bears. We are all born to be free. Free to love, free to laugh, free to be who we wish to be. I believe it is our core longing and most natural state; it is what we all strive for at some level. I realized that these five words had completely stopped me in my tracks . It is interesting in that we get so caught up in things outside of ourselves that we lose sight of the greatest and yet most profound gifts we possess…. the freedom to be …. to just be.