Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Gift of a New Day

The Gift of a New Day
Wow, what a joyous celebration to awaken to the dawn of a new day. Like a present to open and to unfold, one can relish in the lovely possibilities for this day. This day that is yours to create and to delight in. It is a brand new unfolding of pure potentiality and is purely creative and unlimited in its possibilities.
Starting your day with gratitude opens the channel of possibilities and infinite grace. By declaring your gratitude for even the simple things such as your favourite pillow, the comfort of your bed, the blessings of your family, you open the connection. This connection is to the source of all that is good and all that is awaiting your desire of it. You need only ask and to be aware of it. The more you can see the blessings around you the more they appear in all their interesting disguises. They are everywhere and when you are awakened to this spirit within you, life almost appears magical. You are like the kid in the candy store, delighting in the experiences of the day and creating your day through your intent and desire. Intending your day to be joyous, happy or whatever you choose is within your personal power and is a birthright for everyone, no exceptions. The world truly is as you perceive it to be. We are mirrors bouncing our perceptions off the faces of those around us. When we see love, we see love bouncing back at us. When we see joy and beauty, we feel joy and beauty shining on us and we then project it and reflect it on to others. It is so very, very simple and we tend to overcomplicate it and get lost in the “noise” of chaos. Let us remember that this new day is a gift for us to become “brand new” again; it is a dawn for our new creation and intention and it is truly a gift and a platform to create anew and with a perception that serves us and uplifts us rather than keeping us locked in fear and disempowerment. Let us go today with the intention of absolute and delightful creation and polish up our “mirrors” so that we both see and reflect the love and the joy that is there for all of us. The more we do this one by one, the greater the shift of perception for everyone, and the more the entire planet will benefit and delight in remembering that “we are all one”.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Kindest Gift

See Others Thru your Eyes – Yes Do This
A.K.A The Kindest Gift

See people the way you want to see them. This is the easiest way to peace. Since we create everything in our lives and projection is what we use to run the movie, let’s make the movie. Let’s be the script writer, the producer and cast the characters to our liking. Sounds simple enough right? Well it is. When we see others as we would like to see them and it is with the highest intent, we have the opportunity to not only gain personal peace but to empower and uplift that individual or individuals as well. This is especially powerful in the case of spousal relations. When we first meet we tend to see the greatest gifts in each other and often as time goes on we start to focus on the things that irritate us or the very things we thought were “cute” in the beginning. There is a lot of power in two or more people being gathered together with like minded thoughts; so with that said, it is very important that both you and your partner only hold thoughts of the highest intent, especially for each other. This is also very important for modelling love and empowerment when children are involved.
The shortcut to utilizing this formula is to focus on the very thing or emotions that trigger a reaction in you Ex. “My husband does not listen to me”. Take that example and first and foremost find examples or ways where he has listened to you. It does not have to be today, even in the past is fine. Get into the feeling of being listened to and know that it is indeed possible. Now you can “see and believe” that your husband listens to you and the next step in activating the movie is to express to your husband how you appreciate the fact that he has a wonderful way of listening to you. He and you will both now have a sense of his capacity to listen to you or whatever the particular script you want to run is. This is very simple and it need not be complicated. We just need to see and embrace the qualities in others and help hold the light so they can remember who they are. When someone is told that “they never listen to you” for example, the script is set. Even if they believe they listen, the discord and disharmony that is experienced is a negative and a disempowering movie, not the movie we want to see. The movie where there are two people living in full empowerment, complete with support and encouragement. This is the beautiful gift in of a relationship. It is the ongoing support and the gift of having a partner. The two individuals can help each other to both see their inner gifts and beauty. A partner means partnering, uplifting, honouring and supporting each other in love and integrity.
We often like to tease each other or throw digs in relationships but when one partner is perhaps feeling inadequacy or self doubt, this only adds to the feelings of inadequacy or low self worth. It is a similar frequency and resonates with the lower frequency or vibration of doubt. This can be an avenue to further allow the disempowering situation or feelings of doubt, failure or lowered self love and worth.
The kindest thing and the greatest gift we can do for others and ourselves is to truly practise seeing others in the highest projection possible so that they can be the greatest version of themselves and that they are supported upon the wings of eternal, unconditional love.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Have you said “Hello” to yourself lately? To that inner side of you that tries to speak to you? The one that offers ideas, inspirations and hope? We often get so busy with the noise of life that we close off the channel to our inner self, our true self. Our inner guidance system is there for us to access at all times but like a radio with bad reception we often tune it out or fail to tune in at all.
We tend to listen more to the little voice of doubt and fear and to drown out the voice of love and hope; the voice of inspiration and passion. The ego is the voice that our fears speak thru and it becomes too loud and we can no longer hear the voice of our higher self, our God self. The messages of self doubt and self worth take over and voila we have changed the channel; the channel we were born with, our birth right, our entitlement. We have turned the channel to a channel of fear, of lack and feelings of I am not worthy. Woo hoo great channel.... not....
I invite everyone to say hello to their true selves, to the light within and to embrace it with bells on. If you have not connected with that beautiful part of you lately, tell it you missed it and to come on out and play! This is the real WOO HOO. This is the channel we want to access, to listen to, to encourage, to uphold, delight in and relish in. The channel to your higher self, God self, intuition, higher consciousness, source, or whatever you want to call it, is like a muscle the more you use it the bigger it gets. The more you hear its message the more you are inspired (in-spirit), passionate, free of fear, free of worry, shining your light and delighting the world with your beautiful soul.
Do not waste another precious moment. It’s time to take charge and let that voice sing out load and for you to become the orchestrator of your life, conducting and channelling in passion and joy and being the you you were always meant to be.....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Nails & The Fabric of My Life

September 6, 2009

Here I sit in Cabin number 4, at the resort homestead where I was raised. Although my parents have long since passed on and gone and it is now owned by my brother, the family essence and connection linger on.
I am now here with a daughter of my own. Sivanna is 3 and playing at the beach with her niece Elissa. They are playing in the exact spot I remember playing at as a child. The memory is alive and vivid in my mind as though it were yesterday. In fact it was 40 years ago. My, how time flies. It is truly amazing how much fun a little one can have simply playing in the sand. The creations to be made, chairs and tables, a house, dinners… and all made from sand and an imagination. Hours and hours of entertainment are to be had.
What a joyous morning I had lying in bed with my daughter talking to her about my own childhood. Sivanna is in awe at all the nails in the logs on the walls and she starts to count them. I then share with her how my father had built this cabin and how my mother had made the curtains but that they are no longer with us. Sivanna turns to me, tells me she loves me and then tells me she will share her Daddy with me. Sweet. Later that day while making the bed I realize that the blankets are the ones my mother made and I observe a patch of matching material, where she covered a hole as to not waste the fabric. These blankets are still going strong and I feel my mother’s love and essence fill the room. I appreciate my parent’s hard work and struggle. I am reminded that life on planet earth is not forever but that the relationships are eternal. How sweet it is to embrace the memories and to watch the glorious unfolding of new memories being made, all simultaneously…. I am feeling a sense of transformation, the amalgamation of my past and my future, all beautifully blending into the now and now I go to be in the moment of where I am….

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Life is Like a Garden

Life is like a garden. There for the picking, the planting and the enjoyment of the harvest. Life is like an abundant garden full of delectable choices. Choices that can change from year to year, or even day to day. What we sow so shall we reap.
In life, as in a garden, you can plant whatever seeds you so choose to plant. You may desire a garden vibrant in a variety of colours such as red peppers, yellow squash, green peas and surrounded by a vast assortment of fragrant and colourful flowers. Or you may prefer a subtle and more simple garden with a little lettuce and a few onions.
Like life you can plant the seeds that are indicators of your desires and intent. First we have a thought (choose the seed), then we plant (intent) and then we water & weed (take action) and voila we harvest (manifest our desires). As in life we know that the more nurturing and loving we are within our gardens, the sweeter the rewards, the pickings. Such is life, the more we give to others, the more we get back.
In our gardens we serve our plants, the very source that nourishes us and feeds us so we can continue on our journey that completes the circle of servitude. We serve the plants, they serve us, we serve others and they serve us. A beautiful circle of support and sustainment that is the very core of the universe.
How are you designing your garden? Are you intending with love? Are you planting the seeds of your choosing? Are you understanding that it is all there for you to plant pick, to sow and reap? Everything you could possibly want or desire is there for the picking, you need only ask and it is given. Remember the process thought, intent, action, reap or result or manifest, whatever name you choose to give it (you pick ). The process of sowing and reaping always works. I encourage you to design you life’s garden with bountiful and abundant choices that serve the highest good of everyone and to nurture that garden with love and water it with joy. Celebrate the choices that you make and know that like a garden, life’s energy is ever changing, ever evolving and recreating itself into whatever form it takes on next. The garden of yesterday’s plants become the new fertile earth to sustain the new plants of your choosing and the cycle of creation continues on it it’s beautiful ever evolving and eternal way .