Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Breath of Live

October 20, 2012
This morning I was with my daughter, Sivanna Rose, waiting for her school bus, and ever since the weather has turned cool I usually bring a blanket to cover her. We sit on the grass near the curb and she sits on my lap. I hold her tight, like a baby, tucked under the blanket. Well this morning she expressed that she was still cold, so I told her that her breath would warm her up. So, as any 5 year old would do, she started breathing heavily, underneath the blanket. I could not see her but I could feel her breath coming through the blanket. In that moment, I had a deeper understanding of the breath of life. I realized that although I could not see this body under the blanket, I could feel her breath and that I was the one who gave her the breath of life. It was truly a moving and deep experience for me. I later reflected on her birth and how much meaning this had for me. Sivanna was on a respirator for a short time and although that time was short if was terrifying. I did not know if her lungs would develop enough and I could not hear my newborn baby cry. So to my Sivanna Rose “I may have given you the breath of life, but in return you gave me the Grace of God and most importantly, eternal love". Thank you my beautiful girl.