Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shifting Perspectives

An interesting idea that helps to shift your perspective is to find gratitude in something you would normally judge or complain of or about. Whatever it is, find a side of the situation that you can have gratitude for. This can free you from torment and shift your frequency to a place that actually serves you rather than weakens you. For example, if you are sick, even though it may be challenging, try switching the focus from the pain or inconvenience, to a place of appreciation that people are actually caring for and loving you. Keep your focus on the gratitude of having access to support, care, nutrition, healing, medicine or whatever is assisting you for your highest good and healing. Whatever we are experiencing we can always find something in the experience that can serve as a platform for gratitude in order to shift the persception we are having. All things flow better when we allow love and gratitude into our lives. Love and gratitude are the universal threads that support and tie together all that is, but we need to open the channel to receive.