Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our Rocks

I often reflect on my “rocks” in life. These are the things, thoughts, people and places that make me feel safe, secure and sometimes just plain old normal. What are your rocks? Who are your rocks? For me, I have a restaurant that I have been frequenting for over 20 years and when I go there, I feel safe and at home. I have been there through deaths, pregnancy, birthdays, celebrations, gatherings, and more. I have seen the snow fall, heard the wind blow and saw the sun shine all through the same window. I have been in this restaurant safe and sound while torrential occurrences of nature were happening elsewhere in the world. It is one of my “rocks”.
I have good friends that although I do not see often, they are a “rock” to me. Over the years we have laughed together, cried together, celebrated together, mutually attended the funerals of each of our loved ones, and shared stories, recipes, plants and more. When life becomes variable or stressful for me I think of my friends; they are one of my rocks. It instantly puts me into a frequency of safety and gratitude.
I am blessed with many amazing friends and colleagues but one friend in particular is one of my “rocks”. This person understands me on many levels and it makes her all the more one of my strong and safe places. She is a friend, Mom Confident, Business Partner and more. Together we share on every topic in our lives and it is very comforting to have one person who has similarities in all ways. It is a safe space and she is a beautiful and lovely asset to my rock collection.
I identify and know my rocks. Why? I want to make sure they are there for me when I need them. Not the rocks themselves but the safety of knowing they are in my world and that they are very precious to me. Like a child who collects rocks, stones and other pieces of nature, I collect “my rocks” to bring me both comfort and joy throughout my life.
What and who are your rocks? Perhaps it is even a voice. A voice of a loved one or friend who just by hearing their voice you find comfort. Or a cup of tea? Or? ……..
Today I am wishing everyone peace on their journey and please share what and who your “rocks” are by commenting on this post. 

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