Monday, August 30, 2010

Love is Neutral

A friend of mine, Maureen, shared this thought with me recently and I thought, “how wonderful”. Before I begin, though, I want to clarify that I am not talking about neighbours as in, I have a problem with the fence, noise etc. I am referring to neighbours in life in general. So on the note of love being neutral.....
Yes, love is love and just is. If we could truly practise this we would have no judgement, we would indeed, be neutral. For example, my neighbour in life does this, that, lives their life like this or that, etc. and I think it’s right, wrong or whatever I happen to judge it as. If we are loving and in “neutral” we would not judge it as anything, just love it for what it is. We would be neutral. We would have no need to judge it, we would just observe it. How freeing this is. It is our judgements that hold us and bind us to pain and suffering and egoism. Without judgement, our neighbours, family members, friends and everyone in our world would be free to express themselves and we would not have to attach to it at all. We would be free to express ourselves and live in alignment with our higher selves and our own expressions of how we want to live our lives. It reminds me of my favourite philosophy about love “I want what you want”. To me that is truly loving someone; not loving them for what I think I need or want from them or how they affect me and my life. I love and support them in what they want for their highest and greatest desire.... to me this is the freedom of love. This is being neutral.

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